Terms and Conditions

Please read this Agreement carefully as it contains important information regarding your legal rights, remedies and obligations.

This Agreement is made between you and Planet Delivery Ltd. By clicking on “I accept the Terms and Conditions”, and by using the Planet Delivery Services, you indicate your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and agree to be legally bound by them.


1. Definitions

“Agreement” means this Terms and Conditions Agreement.
“Business Day” means a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (except bank holidays in England.
“Working Day” every day of the week (unless specified with advanced warning).
“Content” includes all documents, text, messages, emails, representations, statements, graphics, images, music, software, audio, video and any other material conveying meaning.
“Excluded Goods” includes the following:

  1. Illegal or unlawful items;
  2. Stolen goods;
  3. Noxious, flammable, explosive, corrosive pr poisonous items;
  4. Chemicals and other toxins including viruses, radioactive material, oxidising substances and any other form of biological substances.

“Party” stands for Planet Delivery or you.
“Parties” stands for Planet Delivery and you.
“Rider” means an employee of Planet Delivery who accepts the job of running an errand from point A to point B using a bicycle or electric moped.
“Driver” means an employee of Planet Delivery who accepts the job of running an errand from point A to point B using an electric van or car.
“Services” means the delivery of goods from point A to point B as requested by the customer.
“Task Contract” means an agreement between Planet Deliver and the customer or business.
Customer” is the individual or business that requests a delivery using Planet Delivery.
“Terms and Conditions” means all the clauses contained in this Terms and Conditions Agreement, in addition to any updates and provisions published by Planet Dleivery.
“Terms and Conditions Agreement” means this document as published on Planet Delivery.
“Underage Person” is any person who is under the age of 18 years old.

2. Overview

Planet Delivery
Planet Delivery is a B2C and C2C online platform which uses a network of drivers or riders to provide same day, on demand delivery services of any document, parcel, and any good which is not an Excluded Good.

This Terms and Conditions Agreement sets out the agreement between the Parties.

3. Commencement Date

The date on which this Agreement commences is the date on which you arrange for your on-demand delivery services.

4. Terms and Conditions

  1. Before completing the request for delivery you must read and understand the Terms and Conditions, this will allow you to use the services Planet Delivery provides.
  2. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you are deemed to have accepted them.
  3. The Terms and Conditions may be amended by Planet Delivery you must therefore check for any possible amendments.
  4. If any amendments have been changed by Planet Delivery and the customer continues to use the service then it indicates your consent to the Terms and Conditions.

5. Intellectual Property

Planet Delivery is a registered trademark of Planet Delivery Ltd.

6. Acceptable Use Policy

By using the services offered by Planet Delivery, you agree not to engage in any conduct as listed below. This list is illustrative and not exhausted, you may not:

    1. Use Planet Delivery in a way that will contravene any of the English laws.
    2. Use Planet Delivery to engage in or assist with criminal conduct.
    3. Use Planet Delivery to defame any person.
    4. Unlawfully discriminate against either employee, customer or member of public on the basis of their race, colour, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliation or views, union membership or non- membership, physical or mental disability, or other attributes.
    5. Make any misleading or deceptive statements in relation to the purchase of services provided by Planet Dlivery.
    6. Use Planet Delivery for any purpose that is prohibited by the Terms and Conditions.
    7. Using Planet Delivery to engage in conduct that could harass or intimidate another person.
    8. Using Planet Delivery to engage in conduct that could offend other persons.
    9. Using Planet Delivery to infringe on a person’s privacy.
    10. Promoting contests of any form.
    11. Use any screen saving, robot or similar technology to store, upload or acquire any information available on the website of Planet Delivery.
    12. Interfere with the functioning of Planet Delivery website or services.

7. No Reliance

      1. The contents published on the website of Planet Delivery are provided for general information only.
      2. Nothing published or made available on the website is intended to be any form of advice.
      3. You are not to rely on any content that is published on the website without your own independent verification.

8. Limitation of Liability

      1. To the extent permitted by law, Planet Delivery excludes all terms, conditions or warranties, other than the Non-excludable Conditions, that may otherwise be implied by law.
      2. To the extent permitted by law, and except for a breach of a Non-excludable Condition, Planet Delivery disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect loss, damage, or costs (including but not limited to actual loss, pure economic loss, loss of profits, consequential loss, special loss and legal costs) incurred by you, or for any bodily injuries, pure mental harm, or death.

9. Use of Personal Information Policy

      1. Any personal information you provide to Planet Delivery may be used in accordance with the Use of Personal information Policy.
      2. From time to time we may analyse your personal information to enhance our services that we can offer you.
      3. Communicate with you using your nominated contact details.
      4. We may need to use your personal information to assist us with any disputes you may arise with Planet Delivery.
      5. Planet Delivery will disclose your personal information to a third party if it is required to do so by law, regulation, court order or any other form of legal compulsion.

10. User’s Right to Access Personal Information

      1. Subject to limitations in the applicable privacy statutes, you may seek access to the personal information that Planet Delivery holds about you.
      2. In order to request personal information that we hold about you, you must verify your identity and provide particulars of the information that you are requesting.
      3. Planet Delivery may charge you a fee to cover the costs of meeting your request.
      4. If you believe that the information that Planet Delivery holds about you is inaccurate, you may inform us of the nature and extent of the inaccuracy by contacting us.

11. Fees and Costs

      1. There are no fees to retrieve a quote for a specified delivery.
      2. If you choose not to proceed with the quoted fee then you will not be charged.
      3. If you do proceed with the quoted fee shown on Planet Delivery, the money will be charged to your nominated bank account immediately
      4. Planet Delivery does not handle cash, cheque, bankers draft or any other forms of payment except that of the booking form on its website.

12. Refunds

      1. Any fees or costs that you have paid to Planet Delivery are non-refundable.
      2. However, if you have made a legitimate complaint against us and we believe you have reasonable grounds to do so, we may provide you with a refund of an amount that we consider appropriate.

13. Customer Service

      1. Planet Delivery strives to return any questions or queries you may have within 30 minutes. Although this is only within working hours. Outside of normal working hours your questions or queries will be answered immediately the next working day.
      2. Planet Delivery reserves the right not to answer any questions or queries that may, offend employees, members of the public or affiliates.
      3. Planet Delivery also has the right not to respond if questions cannot be answered without breaching confidentiality or breaking the law.
      4. Both customers and employees may provide suggestions to Planet Delivery regarding future upgrades to the website or services we offer. Although Planet Delivery do not guarantee your suggestion will result in any future changes.

14. Complaints and Dispute Resolution Policy

      1. All complaints will be reviewed by a Planet Delivery representative.
      2. Planet Delivery aim to respond to any complaint made within 24 hours.
      3. Planet Delivery reserve the right not to respond to any complaint made that offends employees or is frivolous in any manner.
      4. Planet Delivery may, at its sole discretion, refer any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the Terms and Conditions to an arbitral body nominated by Planet Delivery at the expense of the originator of the dispute or claim. You agree to such referral and agree to be bound by the ruling of the arbitrator whose decision shall be binding on both Parties.

15. Severability

Each provision contained in the Terms and Conditions is severable. If any provision is invalid, void, voidable or unenforceable, such provision may be severed, and the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions will be unaffected.

16. Entire Agreement

This Terms and Conditions Agreement, including any documents referred to in the definition of ‘Terms and Conditions’, constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties as to the subject matters that it deals with. All previous agreements and understandings between the Parties on these subject matters, whether written or oral, are hereby superseded.

Each Party accepts the Terms and Conditions without relying upon any previous representation or warranty not set out therein.
No Party shall have any claim or remedy for any innocent or negligent misrepresentation previously made or made in the Terms and Conditions.